Megafood Balancing Fire Marketing

Monday June 29th at 6pm
Soda Fountain, Hills Drug, 30 East Dover Street

Kate Richards, Hill’s Drug Store Supplement Consultant will present information on two important keys to optimal living;maintaining a healthy whole body inflammation response and a healthy stress response.

Jennifer Wood McCrea , Chef, Restaurateur and creator of the amazing JMX juice line shares some ‘JMX’ (Jen’s Magic Elixir) wisdom and simple juice blends to help support your inflammatory response….see how delicious managing your inflammation can be!!

Jennifer Coleman, R.N., M.Ac, L.Ac , Acupuncturist speaks to the relationship of our inflammation to our stress and how these two components combine to create internal ‘heat’ that can be managed and diminished with diet, herbs and the benefit of Acupuncture.

Working together Richards, Coleman and McCrea will share an evening filled with information about lifestyle choices, nutrition and supplement strategies that you’ll be able to incorporate into your daily life right away!