Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy

The Beauty of Vitality Through Balance

Many women are taking a proactive approach to achieve optimal wellness.




We’ll take the time to explain your options & answer your questions.. 

What are bioidentical hormones?

Bioidentical hormones are made by converting natural plant hormone compounds into chemical molecules identical to those made in the human body.

What causes hormone imbalance?

Age is far from the only factor in hormone imbalance. Stress is a major contributor. Emotional, physical & environmental stress all contribute to dysfunction. Your body's response to stress can negatively impact the production of hormones crucial to your vital operating systems.

How can imbalance affect you?

The long term health of your brain, heart, bones, breasts & energy systems is affected by hormones that your body may no longer be producing in a balanced fashion.

The right hormone replacement choice can not only relieve a myriad of symptoms, but may actually be prophylactic with respect to the risk of more serious health possibilities. 

Summary of Services

  • Private Consultations-
  • Laboratory Saliva Testing Kits-
  • Saliva Test Analysis-
  • Hormone Panel Evaluation-
  • Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement-
  • Custom Prescription Medications-
  • Custom Prescription Skin Care-
  • Nutritional Supplements -
Optimize Your Health 

Every aspect of our lifestyle affects hormone balance and hormone balance can profoundly influence every aspect of our lives.

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Advanced Testing 

Our compounding pharmacists will walk you through the simple steps for use of your ‘at home’ saliva test kit. We entrust your testing to industry leader, ZRT Laboratory.Their advanced testing methods result in a detailed, accurate measurement of your hormone levels.  Results will come directly to us. A follow up consultation will be scheduled at your convenience to review test results and discuss your suggested protocol.

Renewed Energy & Stamina - Stress comes at us in many forms (physical, emotional & environmental), and can drastically impact our body chemistry. In excess, our lifesaving ‘fight or flight’ hormones will deplete our energy levels and reduce stamina. As your body moves towards a more favorable balance your energy production will become more consistent & your response to stressors will become healthier. 

Return of Quality Sleep - Difficulty falling asleep, staying asleep & an inability to attain deep sleep states are symptoms that can be related to low progesterone levels. Ironically, poor sleep also contributes to further imbalance of hormones. One result frequently reported with use of BHRT is a great improvement in quality of sleep, reduced fatigue & improved energy throughout the day. 

Centered Emotional Well-Being - Erratic emotional ups and downs, irritability, depression, anxiety, and brain fog are common effects of hormone imbalance experienced by women of all ages. A lack of harmony in hormone levels including thyroid, cortisol, adrenal & sex hormones contributes to these symptoms. Many clients report a return to feeling ‘grounded’. 

Revitalized Skin & Muscle Tone - Estriol & estradiol, two of the estrogens, play a huge role in skin & tissue vitality. Many clients report noticeable improvement in elasticity, firmness, hydration, wrinkle depth and adult acne within 3-6 month. This support is working on internal tissue as well, improving circulation, muscle structure and muscle tissue recovery.

Restored Sexual Vitality - We frequently identify specific hormones such as testosterone, as ‘the sex’ hormones. Most people don’t realize that optimal sexual vitality requires balance of ALL hormone levels. As your hormone balance improves you may experience renewed desire, more frequent desire, improved climax & increased stamina. Many clients also report improvement in overall vaginal health with a reduction in discomfort from dry tissue.

 What You Can Expect 

Renewed Energy & Stamina Improved Sleep Quality Centered Emotional Well-Being Revitalized Skin & Muscle Tone Restored Sexual Vitality 

“I’m just not comfortable in my own skin”

Clients tell us this frequently. Some of our clients have difficulty pin pointing their symptoms until they begin to restore balance and can ‘feel’ the improvement. 

 Your Support Team 

Your Support Team Our compounding pharmacists can work with you and your physician to create a detailed profile based on your saliva test results, personal goals, medical history and symptoms. Your suggested protocol will be based on this profile and may include bio-identical hormone replacement therapy, dietary adjustments & supplement suggestions