Nutrient Depletion

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Nutrient Depletion

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The quality of the ‘fuel’ that you get from our food is an important part of maintaining your health and vitality. There are many factors that can reduce the nutrients in your food and your body’s ability to extract those nutrients.

What’s Impacting Your Nutrients?

Reduced nutrients in our foods-Modern day soil quality, international transport of foods, storage time and heavy processing can all lower the nutrient content of our plants and animal sourced foods.

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Poor Eating Habits

Even those who have eaten & prepared healthy food all of their lives can fall into poor eating habits. As our home dynamics change we may move from cooking for many to cooking only for ourselves. Often this leads to diminished food and eating quality. You can also be affected by the lack of nutrition in easy ‘pre-packaged’ foods available at the grocery.

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The Process of Aging

There are many stages to our digestion and as we age some of the nuances of this process become less efficient resulting in a less effective nutrient extraction.

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Digestive Illness/Poor Digestion

Those who experience Digestive Distress or dysfunction are very likely to have poor nutrient uptake. We can help you restore your digestive health.

It May Surprise You...

to know that one of the most common factors in nutrient depletion is the use of prescription medications. If you take any prescription medications it is important to know which nutrients you may be losing so that you can supplement to support your health.

If you take any prescription medications, it's crucial to know which nutrients you may be losing so that you can supplement them to support your health.

Here following list consists of a few examples of medications that impact your nutrient levels. Please feel free to reach out to us with any specific questions on your medications.

  • High Blood Pressure Medications may reduce: Magnesium, COQ10, melatonin, potassium, zinc, sodium 
  • Antibiotics will deplete: beneficial bacteria/immune strength & B Vitamins
  • Blood Sugar Medications (hypoglycemics) will deplete: CoQ10, B Vitamins & Folate
  • Cholesterol (statin) medications will deplete: COQ10
  • Birth Control & some Estrogen medications will affect: B Vitamin & magnesium levels
  • SSRI: These medications do not deplete B Vitamins but optimal B vitamin levels work to improve the impact of these medications

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